Ensure (cross-) institutional support

The team leader and the team partners need institutional and faculty support, which is given by professional expert services in the partnership: Consult the programme boards; Find teaching and learning support; Seek support for internationalization; Look for IT support; Involve the student administration; Integrate services in centres for continuing education or "extension schools" In order to […]

Compose a joint micro-credential course team

For developing a joint micro-credential, a course team has to be composed: Initiate a strong leadership; Share tasks. Guidelines Initiate a strong leadership The success of a joint micro-credential course is largely dependent on the course management and the quality of the course team. The course leader is a university staff member who assumes overall […]

Share a joint vision on the micro-credential course

As a first step, partners have to develop a joint educational vision for the micro-credential course, consisting of: Investigate needs; Develop an academic and professional profile; Take into account the characteristics of learners; Define the objectives and the unique selling point of the course; Define the relationship with existing courses and programmes; Indicate the stackability […]

Align with institutional and cross-institutional policies

lorem A micro-credential course should connect with institutional and cross-institutionalpolicies: Align with the (cross-)institutional mission, policies and strategies for continuingeducation and professional development; Adapt educational provisions to the time horizon of learners; Achieve better quality by cross-institutional synergies; Make continuing education attractive and competitive Connect with (cross-)institutional MOOC policies Align with the (cross-)institutional mission, policies […]

The design of a joint micro-credential course and microlearning units: overview of successive steps

Guidelines Because of the involvement of different universities, designing and developing a joint micro-credential course is a complex activity, consisting of several steps: • connect with institutional and cross-institutional policies and strategies, for example in the case of the European Universities Initiative (European Commission, 2021c), more specifically related to continuing education and professional development. • […]

A joint micro-credential course: the concept

The concept These guidelines for micro-credential programmes are in line with the latest developments in EU policy developments in the field of micro-credentials and with recent practices. A European consensus is emerging on the concept of micro-credentials and further institutional and national frameworks will build on this foundation in the coming years. European developments Micro-credentials […]


This eBook provides pedagogical guidelines for designing and developing joint micro-credential programmes, to be published on the BLOOM hub. The hub will present a series of models and guidelines for key educational digital formats for digital higher education courses and programmes, international collaboration and mobility. The development of micro-credentials in a lifelong learning perspective is […]

Models and guidelines for the design and development of joint micro-credential courses and microlearning units in higher education

Piet Henderikx, George Ubachs, Alessandra Antonaci These guidelines were carried out at EADTU European Association of Distance Teaching Universities This work was funded through the KA3 Erasmus+ Programme, project NR.: 606692-EPP-1-2018-2-FR-EPP- KA3-PI-POLICY, coordinated by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.It will be published on the European BLOOM Hub for Digital Teaching and Learning, Networking and Mobility. The […]