Daily report and statistics about coronavirus and COVID-19

Number tested

The laboratory results are collected in the MSIS Laboratory Database. Each laboratory in Norway submits data electronically directly to the database. The figure below illustrates the number of persons tested and the proportion of positive test results among these daily since the start of the epidemic. A new test on a person is defined as a test performed at least 7 days after the previous test on the same person. If the person is tested again after 7 days, they are counted as a new person. Figures from the last few days may be adjusted with the next update.

Reported cases

The figure below shows the number of cases reported daily in Norway since the start of the epidemic. The cases are displayed by the specimen collection date. There are 1-2 days delay between diagnosis and registration in the Norwegian Surveillance System for Communicable Diseases (MSIS). The number of cases is updated retroactively when new notifications arrive.