Compose the micro-credential programme team: structure and tasks



The partners have to agree on the composition of the joint programme team:
Initiate a strong leadership;
Share tasks.


Initiate a strong leadership

  • The success of joint micro-credential programme is largely dependent on the programme leadership and the programme team. The programme leader is a university staff member who assumes overall academic and managerial responsibility for the micro-credential programme;
  • This responsibility is shared with the other programme team members who each represent and engage his or her partner university;
  • In all matters the leadership is collegial/consensual in nature.

Share tasks

  • The programme team is responsible for all phases of setting up a joint micro-credential programme: design, development and implementation. It takes into account institutional and national regulations;
  • The programme team acts as an admission committee and determines the admission criteria for the degree programme and the admission procedures;
  • The programme team acts as an examination committee and determines the examination rules, including the grading system and the conditions for awarding credits and the final qualification of the study programme;
  • The university of the programme team leader is responsible for the (internal) quality assurance of the programme, while each partner university provides all data necessary to fulfill this task. Together they develop a procedure for the continuous evaluation of the programme;
  • This continuous evaluation forms the basis for a formal (national, professional) accreditation upon request.


  • The team leader involves his university and seeks affiliation with the chosen partners. As a pen holder, he must lead the design, development and implementation processes. He invites partners to bring in their best input at different stages. The team leader ensures that he has the educational, technological and organizational support from his faculty and university to lead these processes. Partners do the same on their part;
  • The course team should distinguish the respective phases when setting up a micro-credential programme. Each stage requires a certain amount of time. Depending on the institutional support of the team leader and the partners, the design phase takes at least three months, followed by a development phase of at least six months after which the programme can be implemented.

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