Models and guidelines for the design and development of a joint micro-credential programme in higher education



Piet Henderikx, George Ubachs, Alessandra Antonaci

These guidelines were carried out at EADTU European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

This work was funded through the KA3 Erasmus+ Programme, project NR.: 606692-EPP-1-2018-2-FR-EPP- KA3-PI-POLICY, coordinated by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
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Piet Henderikx, George Ubachs, Alessandra Antonacci

Final editing

Alessandra Antonacci, Beau Nijsten and Stefan Meuleman


Global Academic Press

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Henderikx, P., Ubachs, G., & Antonaci, A. (2022). Models and guidelines for the design and development of a joint micro-credential programme in higher education. Global Academic Press.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6477131


joint micro-credential programmes, short learning programmes, joint undergraduate/ postgraduate certification programmes, joint curricula and mobility, joint continuing education programmes, joint expert programmes, joint specialization programmes, joint fo- cus diplomas, joint MOOC pathways, joint Gradeos, joint MicroMasters, joint nanodegrees

Acknowledgements to the experts of the following EU funded projects:

  • European Short Learning Programmes (E-SLP)
  • Modularisation of Continuig Education and professionalisation by Micro-credentials (MCE)
  • European Maturity Model for Blended Education (EMBED)
  • European MOOC Consortium for the Labour-Market (EMC-LM)
  • Professional Development for Digital Teaching and Learning (DigiTel Pro)


A micro-credential programme: the concept8
The design of a joint micro-credential programme: overview15
Align with European and national developments19
Define the macro-objectives of the joint micro-credential programme24
Build the partnership28
Compose the micro-credential programme team: structure and tasks32
Ensure (cross-) institutional support35
Share a joint vision on the micro-credential programme to be developed38
Design the joint micro-credential curriculum41
Agree on a qualification50
Create an educational and technological ecosystem56
Install a language policy59
Define an admission framework61
Determine examination regulations64
Agree on a joint quality assurance scheme67
Develop a business plan71
Develop a student recruitment plan75
Develop a sustainability framework78
Conclude a consortium agreement81

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