Models and guidelines for digital collaboration and mobility in European higher education



Piet Henderikx, George Ubachs

These guidelines were carried out at EADTU European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

This work was funded through the KA3 Erasmus+ Programme, project NR.: 606692-EPP-1-2018-2-FR-EPP- KA3-PI-POLICY, coordinated by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
It will be published on the European BLOOM Hub for Digital Teaching and Learning, Networking and Mobility. The BLOOM hub is part of the OpenU project.

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Piet Henderikx, George Ubachs


Global Academic Press


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Henderikx, P., & Ubachs, G. (2022). Models and guidelines for for digital collaboration and mobility in European higher education. Global Academic Press

Tags: Erasmus+ Programme, student mobility, transnational course and curriculum col- laboration, internationalization policies, digital mobility, embedded mobility, mobility windows, virtual or online exchange, online exchange mobility, digital mobility, joint programmes, networked programmes, comprehensive internationalization, networks and alliances, European Student Card, Erasmus Without Paper

Acknowledgements to the experts of the following task force and EU funded projects:

  • EPICs project: New Opportunities for International Student Mobility (2011)
  • EADTU Task Force Virtual Mobility (2019)
  • Netcu project: Networked Curricula in Blended and Online Education (2012)
  • OpenVM: Open Virtual Mobility (2020)


Models and guidelines for digital collaboration and mobility in European higher education: an overview8
The European concept of collaboration and mobility14
More flexible and accessible internationalization by integrating new modes of mobility23
Transnational course and programme collaboration and mobility29
Benefits of physical and digital student mobility40
Sustainable institutional policies for academic collaboration and mobility46

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